Thassos Island – The best Greek island for families

If you’re looking for a family vacation in Greece, look no further than Thassos. Calm waters, sandy beaches, unspoiled natural beauty, and plenty of activities are available. In many ways, the lush island of Thassos feels like a breath of fresh air. Life on the beaches is slow and luxurious, simple but breathtakingly beautiful. Time seems to have slowed down here, which is often just what we need when things at home get hectic. Nothing brings a family closer together or creates more long-lasting memories than a week or two of living in the moment. Thassos is one of Greece’s most family-friendly destinations, but tourists frequently overlook it. The island’s turquoise beaches are surrounded by breathtaking pine forests and are located in the northernmost part of the Aegean Sea.

Giola, or the Aphrodite Tear, is a spectacular attraction in Southern Thassos, according to legend. It tells the story of a one-of-a-kind natural pool carved into the rock by the sea. Giola, which has been featured in travel and nature magazines, is a sight that you will not be able to get enough of. Thassos is one of those Greek islands with a spectacular natural setting. Thassos is the northernmost island in the Aegean Sea, and it is very close to the Greek mainland’s coasts. Thassos, Greece, is an excellent choice for family vacations and relaxing vacations.

Thassos is one of the Greek islands with the quickest access from the mainland if you own or rent a car. The crossing from Keramoti to Limenas, the island’s historical capital, takes as little as twenty-five minutes. Ferries run every half hour in the summer, sometimes every 20 minutes. So it’s no coincidence that Thassos is frequently preferred for a quick weekend getaway by locals in Northern Greece. All they have to do is pack their belongings, load the car, and drive away. And having a vehicle while in Thassos allows for a much broader appreciation of what the island has to offer.

One of the best parts about Thassos is that there are so many beaches to visit, and each one offers something unique. You can’t go wrong with any of the beaches for a vacation, but doing a little research ahead of time never hurts anyone – especially if you’re bringing the kids. Thassos Greece has some of the most beautiful beaches among the Greek islands. The most picturesque and well-organized Thassos beaches are Golden Beach, Makriammos, and Paradise. Although many Thassos beaches have been developed with hotels and other tourist facilities, they have not lost their natural environment. A drive around the island will also take you to secluded Thassos beaches where your family can relax in complete privacy.